Month: November 2017

All it takes is a little faith for some sunshine to come through the darkness. I made the decision to forgo blogging today. What was the point? I never I had to go see my psychiatrist today, the same one that told me I had to just deal with the prescriptions that are given to me. […]

One of the biggest themes of 2017 in my life is my social anxiety and how it has changed my life. It is my “great unknown” in my life, and I have trouble figuring out my anxiety triggers because they are so vast. I feel like I am in a fog with my anxiety. I have […]

There are days when writing just comes naturally to me. It’s not a brag. I know most writers, if not all, have days where the pen and paper (or fingers to a keyboard) where life just makes sense. I love those days a writer. Then there are days where my mind is muddled with depression […]

Well, I figured something like this would happen. Last night, I figured out a pattern of behavior in the middle of the worst panic attack of my life. I have been trying to rack my brain of the “why” of my anxiety over the last few months. It took two Ativan and almost two hours […]

Blogging has changed my life and made writing my memoir The Bipolar Writer a very real possibility. It is all about the journey, and this is a journal of sorts. How does one decide to walk down a path knowing that every step could be painful? What gives us the strength to make a decision […]

I wanted to write a post about an ongoing obsession of mine for as long as I can remember, Korean pop. It started one night while I was surfing Youtube that I started watching the following video from the K-pop group Girls Generation.                 It was interesting video […]

Over the course of November, I have chronicled my social anxiety and my struggles with Ativan. In “Realities of Ativan” I discussed researching this medication and the ongoing struggles with my psychiatrist over my dosage. It’s a great read. I wanted to update something about this “journey” and how it continues to get worse as […]