Why I Added a Button to my Blog

I wanted to say the outpour of support with my followers that have donated to my blog, thank you for supporting me. Asking for help has never been something I could just do, but as I continue to grow my brand “The Bipolar Writer” I wanted people to know why decided to ask for help in purchasing my laptop.

I bought my current Mac Book Pro in 2012. It was a refurbished machine. I was to embark the life of a student and as a struggling writer just beginning the journey of writing, and it was all I could afford. This computer has been amazing for me over the long years and it been my constant companion.

I have written countless papers for my degree. I have written several screenplays including Memory of Shane. There were times when my computer was my place to write and journal my thoughts. Every poem and short story over the last five years has been right on this computer that I am writing this blog post on.

It was a great computer but like all good electronics, they eventually have issues. I have always taken care of the laptop because all the magic of what I do as a student, blogger writer, part-time journalist, and screenwriter has been on this one machine.

My laptop started to have issues about a year ago, mostly with application freezing on me. I usually have at least three writing applications open at one time along with my web browser and iTunes open when I write. But lately, I have been dealing with major delays in my writing because of restarts because of issues. Its been slowing my productivity but I get by.

I write this not because I want sympathy from my followers and to be honest I’d rather not write something like this, but some of my followers have donated some good-sized donations and it means that they want to make sure The Bipolar Writer continues. I don’t ask anyone to donate unless they can, but I wanted to share a little bit of the “why.”

I hope I don’t lose followers because of this post, and I want to you know I wrestled in my mind for the last week to even make a post like this because no matter what The Bipolar Writer will continue and I will use the equipment I have right now. I really hate writing this…

Again thank you for all those that have helped me by donating it will not be forgotten and those who can donate you mean the world to me.

J.E. Skye

Please Help me Publish my Memoir

I have finished the first draft of my memoir “The Bipolar Writer” and I have decided to go down the self-publishing route. If you can donate anything towards my goal, it would mean the world to me. Those that donate will get a special mention in my memoir on a page dedicated to those that made my memoir possible. Thank you in advance!


Photo Credit: Kari Shea

16 thoughts on “Why I Added a Button to my Blog

      1. No worries man. Don’t sweat it. People will help or they won’t. I doubt anyone worth anything will complain. positivity, kindness, and humanity don’t come with a clause in the contract. 2 bucks or a dollar is only that. Now saying not to have, worry, over asking for a buck isn’t going to make a difference, because you will worry anyway 😉

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  1. I had a really good MacBook Pro, 17” 2011 model. Somewhere along the line, I think my motherboard got fried or my screen or something. Because whenever I try to turn it on, all I get is a black screen or flashing lines. So I know the struggle. I’m using an old computer, too, and it’s so slow.

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      1. It really isn’t! I’m working on trying to save for one myself, it’s one thing holding me back from what I would like to do (a mix of graphic design/video/photography on top of writing). I think they almost force you to buy new after awhile. The newer updates don’t even help your computer after awhile

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      2. That’s the problem with it. They want you to go out and buy a new computer, it sucks lol. But that’s good you have all your work backed up! An external hard drive is also another good method

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About James Edgar Skye

I am a novelist, screenwriter, and blogger. I have written a screenplay entitled “Memory of Shane” and working towards the completion of the novel version. I am also writing my memoir “The Bipolar Writer" which also serves as the name of this blog. I also write feature articles on other members of the mental illness community on my blog.