My Depression & Bipolar Journals

I needed a place to organize the journals that I have placed on my blog. I am really excited to be adding some of my journal entries to my memoir. It shows me at my most raw emotions. I never really thought anyone would read any of these, but I think it was a perfect idea to test them here. The response has been positive which bodes well for me.

My Mental Illness Journal

Mental Illness Journal – Part Two

Depression Journal – Part Three

Bipolar/Depression Journal Part Four

Depression and Anxiety Journals – Part 5


Please Help me Publish my Memoir

I have finished the first draft of my memoir “The Bipolar Writer” and I have decided to go down the self-publishing route. If you can donate anything towards my goal, it would mean the world to me. Those that donate will get a special mention in my memoir on a page dedicated to those that made my memoir possible. Thank you in advance!


Photo Credit: unsplash-logoCathryn Lavery

8 Replies to “My Depression & Bipolar Journals”

  1. Thank you for sharing these – it makes me feel less alone when I read about other bloggers’ experiences. It helps, in a weird ‘this isn’t just happening to me’ sort of way. I hope you had a good day today 🙂

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