25 Replies to “The Bipolar Writer Needs a Logo”

  1. I could design one for you, if you like? I designed my own, and I’ve been doing graphic design since I was little. I don’t mind doing it for free, either, so if you decide you’d rather get one professionally done after seeing what I come up with for you, it’s cool.

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    1. That would be amazing. I am not picky at all just something that goes with my over blog. I would love for you to design one for me. I have no idea what I am looking for to be honest.

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      1. Awesome. Do you have a time frame you’re looking for in specific (i.e. less than two weeks)? I have school, so I need to block off a bit of time to work on it, is all. 👍

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      2. Two weeks or whenever you can do it. I have school as well about a million writing projects I am doing so I know how it is. Whenever is fine. And thank you so much.

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  2. Hi James,

    I noticed you need a logo designed. I am a graphic designer, so maybe I can be of some help. I also need to get started on sharing my writings with you. Thanks for getting back to me on that one


    Steph Poleson

    Sent from my iPhone


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      1. Do you have any files or work samples you would like to send me that I could work from and refine, or are you starting the logo from scratch? Do you have my email?

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      2. Ok. I have yours, so I will send you my email that way. In the meantime, could you please send me a list of words and descriptions describing The Bipolar Writer? It can be anything that comes to mind. I’ll turn these into thumbnail sketches to be refined into roughs for the logo. Cheers!


      1. £10 an hour, though it should only take 1 or 2 hours


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