Live Blogging Anxiety and Panic Attack

I have never did a live blog before but I wanted to share a quick thing. It seems that my struggles with my social anxiety not only in my car, but when I am out is still out of whack. I was very panicked for about fifteen minutes but I have calmed at least as much as I can.

I have to keep fighting this because it’s starting to feel like last year when my anxiety spiraled and it took me months to get through this.

I am working everyday to find my triggers and to restructure my thoughts before leaving my house. I have to admit, I had a lot of anxiety before I left my house. It’s probably not the best thing but I have to work thought this. Grated I am in my worst time frame, between 4-7 and I had to take 2mg of Ativan.

I feel better though and I am in the world for a little bit. I will update tonight.


Read my earlier post on self-harm here.


6:29 pm

I am home and this time I was able to drive myself after walking through the store and getting the things I needed. I got through it. Better than last week. I am starting to realize that my thoughts go all over the place just before I leave. What helped was mindfulness breathing in the store.

17 thoughts on “Live Blogging Anxiety and Panic Attack

    1. It is never fun but I got through it and that is a positive thing in my mind. I have some ideas of the triggers that this time around. Even with the small panic attack it helpful. I was able to clear my mind rather quickly and focus on my breathing.


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