Month: March 2018

They say mental illness is an invisible disease. No depression cough or bipolar sneeze. There are no mental illness casts or bandages to wear to heal or symbolize the pain we must bear. Stigma influences the disease to become hidden making speaking of it sometimes strictly forbidden. Fear that exposing the truth would cause bias and shame […]

i would be lying if i said recovery was easy– if i pretended it didn’t bother me that my tiny waist has expanded; that my clothes still fit, but fit “differently;” or that i am no longer “the skinny girl” with the pale skin and perfectly flat stomach. between obsessive calorie counting and the regained […]

Writing over the last two year has been the best and greatest thing I have done for my mental health. What you will find within the confines of this blog post is my thoughts about depression and how things changed when I became The Bipolar Writer. Writing Changed the Way Depression Effects Me I started […]

Today I had one of those “ah-ha” moments in therapy. I think the little pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together for some time, but today it all clicked. Immediately I felt accomplished: I had put something together, how amazing [pat myself on the back]. However, the reality of my discovery sunk in […]

This is perhaps the most important topic I have covered on The Bipolar Writer blog. It is also the most talked about, and today as I write some new posts for the remainder of the week, I wanted to repost thing blog post, because there has been so much feedback posted on this post. I […]

I was looking through some old blog posts and I thought this one was relevant because I have found a new wake/sleep schedule that has been really good to me.  You can find more on my new sleep schedule here. Whats up Monday The Insomniac Life of J.E. Skye This is a long post, and I […]