Ode to John Belnap CRNA

This as another ode from Inside and Out, written by Terry Fisher a local writer I have been working with since January. I was my honor to transcribe, edit, and format to the specifications of the author’s publisher. The book is nearing its publication, but I wanted to give the author more time on my blog. So I offered to show some of the odes here on The Bipolar Writer blog. Here are some of the links dedicated to this author and the work I did including the complete works published on this blog.

Reflecting on my Big Freelance Project

Inside and Out

Ode to John Belnap CRNA
12-9-1969 – 7-4-2016

Let me tell you this, John Belnap’s life was not all done.
Taken cruelly when he was trying to have some well-deserved fun.
He worked so hard at his job in Oregon—
Then moonlighted to us when he was done.

He drove hours and hours all the way here—
Learning Spanish on the way, what a dear!
Who does that? Listening to boring tapes for hours on end—
It helped us so much— never had to find a translator with time to lend.

I talked a lot to this man, you see—
And he never ceased to amaze me.
Generous to a fault— never judged a struggling man—
We called it the Belnap Foundation that he ran.

Always familiar in his red, white, and blue OR cap—
He was never caught taking a nap.
I wondered if he had hair beneath that hat.
Good to the core, but not just that—

An honor to work with— that’s for sure.
And calm and capable in a crisis blur.
Cared about his patients beyond belief—
He was the God of patient relief.

For sure you could rely on him to say “of course,”
“Comfort is why I am here to help you” he’d endorse.
Once a month he was there only—
Not enough time to know this man more-ly.

And now no chance to get the opportunity—
To keep and love him in our community.
We love you, John, that’s for sure—
A burden we must carry and endure.


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