The Cure for Depression

Step right up, folks! Step right up!

Come feast your eyes on this marvelous tonic; right here, right now. What you may think is a simple bottle is actually the most secret of formulas from the Jungles of the East; from the hand of Marvelodijiling, the famed Healer and only man to live past 200 years of age without a health problem of any sort.

This is The Cure for Depression.

It is, indeed. You may shake your head at me, madame. You may wonder at the authenticity, young sir. I assure ALL that this product is exactly as it says. One simple dose each day will GUA-RAN-TEE to rid you of the woes of Depression.

Labelled glass bottles with various powders and liquids

…And if that sales pitch convinced you, then you and I need to have a long talk.

Actually, we can have a really short talk: Depression doesn’t work like that. For one, it isn’t “cured.” It is, however, a condition that CAN be managed once you learn the skills. This depends on the severity of symptoms and genetics and a whole crapload of stuff that would best be handled by a professional.

I am not a professional; at least, not that kind. I am merely a fellow sufferer with access to Google. I have, therefore, come up with a list:

1. Connect with a human.

2. Connect with a paid human; also known as a counselor, psychologist, therapist, and perhaps a psychiatrist.

3. Swallow that pill, if necessary.

4. Get up, then move.

5. Get outside.

6. Eat something healthy.

7. Do something that brings you real joy.

8. If it doesn’t fit in with #7, do something for someone.

9. Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

10. Sleep, at sleeping times. Wake at morning times.

11. There was another idea here, and I’ve forgotten it.

Whenever you’re in your cave, I’d like you to pull out this list. Grab one; do it. Maybe steal another after an hour of trying the first one.

Furthermore, I’m gonna help a brother/sister/broster/sisther out by writing individual articles about each of these ideas. It’ll be a hendecalogy, once I remember what that eleventh tip was. Stick around; eat some chocolate.

Come for the treats, stay for the community, and always keep fighting.

unsplash-logoMatt Briney


45 Replies to “The Cure for Depression”

    1. Give it a month and do so. You’ll get a fresh pair of eyes. 🙂
      I was initially going to just flippantly type that chocolate was the cure.


      1. Ha ha chocolate was certainly going to be included. Helped me being face down in Easter eggs at times 😂

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  1. This was helpful.. But I have faced severe depression and I was cured when I reflected on my life and found out the root cause of depression… when you know and “UNDERSTAND” the cause ! Life will change.. For getting connected you can visit my blog..

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    1. I think there are myriad factors affecting mental illness, and life in general. I’m glad to hear you found a root cause and think counselors and doctors are good sources to help find most of the ways that help -since people are unique.

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  2. Beautiful advice.

    One thing I’ve used to help those suffering from depression is to point out habit of thought. Chronic mentality is such a powerful tool to shape our lives. People with the weight of depression are assaulted by a life full of negativity. Things never seem to work their way. Little inconveniences pile up to be an unbearable life.

    Yet, these things can be made to vanish. Noticing happier details, happening upon them, all of these things change when the habit of thought changes. So much is possible.

    I find that those who suffer the most are the ones with the deepest and most powerful hearts. Which means, if they can be shown their power, they are capable of profound love. Profound compassion.

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  3. This was an excellent read!

    Generally healthy habits tend to make a lot of difference. Excercising and eating clean, avoid processed foods, having a positive image of yourself!

    If anyone’s interested in short story a about similar issues please check out my blog.

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  4. I live with a rare Hereditary Neuropathy as well as Depression. The D loves to feed on the struggles of my disability. My writing is aimed towards that as well.

    Very good read and info! Following and sharing!


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  5. I would also add – get tested for antibodies. I ended up being treated with intravenous steroids for my severe depression and it did help. Depression can be due to brain inflammation. I have autoimmune, but it took quite long to diagnose it.

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      1. There is more research now on this and the theory is that many cases of depression are due to mild brain inflammation . There is a good book about autoimmune encephalitis – Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness. Antidepressants don’t help in cases of inflammation.

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