10 Things I am Grateful for in my Mental Health – Fall Edition

With all the bad that comes with this time of year, yes I am talking about our old friend depression, it is essential to talk about the things that we are grateful for in our mental health. It is the little things that make life worth living even when starting down lousy depression that is “known” during the fall and winter months of my life. So, here are ten things I am grateful for in my mental health– fall edition.

  1. Waking up knowing today is another opportunity.
  2. The amazingly different coffee flavors that are available at Starbucks.
  3. Finding inspiration for poetry writing outside in the beautiful fall days.
  4. The fact that it does not snow in this part of California.
  5. When it is cold outside, but I am inside with a nice cup of coffee or tea and writing post for my blog.
  6. Hearing the amazing stories of people triumphing when depression takes over.
  7. The rain. Interestingly enough I love to listen to the rain, and it always inspires me to write.
  8. Knowing I can share my mental illness experiences here with a positive community.
  9. Binge watching my favorite shows under a pile of blankets or reading a good book all weekend.
  10. Spending time with my nieces.

Positive lists are great for the soul and for your mental health. I could have easily added more to this list. So, what are the things you are grateful for during the fall? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Always Keep Fighting


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30 Replies to “10 Things I am Grateful for in my Mental Health – Fall Edition”

  1. Really uplifting post!
    The things I’m grateful for in the fall are:
    1. The glorious colours of the leaves
    2. How you gloves and sunglasses at the same time
    3. Pulling on a lovely snuggly jumper (pullover?)
    4. Feeling no guilt about drinking hot chocolate!
    5. Great blogs like yours!

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  2. Great insight! I am looking forward to more hot drinks in my life. I get so darn sad of summer ending. I love the long days, warmth and unspeakable carelessness of it. Fall brings so many challenges to saying “no” to being overly busy. I just keep learning. Thanks!

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  3. I love to hear the positives. I love everything on your list and your list would be almost identical to mine except for the fact that I am from the midwest and I love Fall and the change of seasons. I even like snow. It can be so beautiful and peaceful. I also LOVE a rainy day and find them peaceful as well. The coffee flavors are out this world. Love them all. My newest one I recently tried was a lavender Latte. Have you ever tried it? It is the bomb. Lavender is supposed to be a soothing fragrance and combined with the coffee. Oh, it is heaven in a cup. Great post James. Thanks for sharing. Be well and happy.

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  4. This was a lovely little gratitude post. It will probably do me the world of good to try and focus on the positives instead of the negatives, for a changed. Good idea for a post. Thank you from another bipolar bear 🐻

    Evy x

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  5. Love this beautiful list ❤️ I also love to watch shows, read a book with a delicious cup of tea during the colder months 🍵❤️ The rain also makes me want to write and makes me feel peaceful sometimes. Sometimes I feel it match how I’m feeling if I feel sad that day.

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  6. That’s a great list. I am grateful for dedicated friends who have journeyed with me through years of trauma. They continue to help me stay positive; to overcome depression; to continue to make lists of things I am grateful for.

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  7. I actually love this time of year! Big Christmas fan and I love the chilly weather. I’m looking forward to some Christmas music and eggnog 😊. Keep your head up!

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  8. Your writing is super powerful and inspirational! I 2 live with mental illness and I care for my fiance who has schizo-effective bipolar, PTSD and early onset Dementia from concussions in his professional football career. I myself have C-PTSD. I feel people like us (I blog too)can shine some hope and understanding for our community and society in general. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for taking the time to share your own experiences. We always need more people talking about mental illness. I look forward to checking out your own blog!!


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