When people ask what I do I tell them I am a writer, blogger, and stay home mom. My passions include finding happiness through soul searching, gardening, DIY, and getting out the door to explore life even if just 10 miles away.

Trauma Didn’t Cause This

For years I searched for a reason or cause for my anxiety. Some of us have these demons because of something traumatic that happened to us. This however, is not … Continue reading Trauma Didn’t Cause This

Fear Heckles Us from the Sideline

While my insights here point to my own personal fight with anxiety, I believe anyone overcoming a sizable obstacle can relate. At this point I am well beyond the stage … Continue reading Fear Heckles Us from the Sideline

The Reasons Why I Avoided Therapy

The summer of 1996 is when my anxiety first started to take its grip. My sudden erratic emotional state was the first sign that something was changing inside of me. … Continue reading The Reasons Why I Avoided Therapy

Today’s Self-Medication: Avoidance

Today’s Self-Medication: Avoidance Never prescribed by a doctor or other professional, avoidance is an easy drug for those of us suffering from social anxiety. We seem to be fine on … Continue reading Today’s Self-Medication: Avoidance