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  • Getting to Know James

    Getting to Know James

    After reading 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale in high school, I chose to write dystopian fiction alongside dark fantasy fiction. I began to love the genre, but I also liked dark fantasy; I read a lot of manga and books, so I decided that would be my main writing area. I have two books self-published…

  • The Future of J.E. Skye

    The Future of J.E. Skye

    The least invasive of the ideas is sending a preset set of questions, allowing you, the writer, to take the time to answer them (or add questions you would respond to), and I feature a blog article feature about you.

  • James Answers Five Questions

    James Answers Five Questions

    My story is based on a dystopian society called Mantichora, where the people believe that humans were created by mythological creatures (their religion). Inequality exists between the rich living in the dome cities and those poor working long hours inside the domes and the factory cities.

  • Female Protagonists in Speculative Fiction

    Female Protagonists in Speculative Fiction

    I made a choice early on when writing fiction—short stories and novels—that my protagonists would be female. It was a personal choice because I felt, much like my cultural background, the group was underrepresented. I think the same way about the LGTBQ+, so all this comes into consideration in my work.