Why you always lying

You lied about the lies that you lied about. Nothing like some LL Cool J to get this post started, am I right? or am I already overly obnoxious? Either … Continue reading Why you always lying

Depression & Dave Chappelle

What? Yeah, I know the title sounds like click bait but I assure you it’s not. (well maybe a little.) This isn’t necessarily an easy topic to tackle and I … Continue reading Depression & Dave Chappelle

I don’t make promises

Excuse me and my sudden blog lapse. I can’t make promises and in fact, I won’t. Ever. (except when I tell my dogs I’ll be back) This sounds melodramatic but … Continue reading I don’t make promises

When someone guilts you into loving them

When someone guilts you into loving them. A lot of the time (maybe I’m still lying to myself) it’s unintentional because we all are products of our environment, right? I … Continue reading When someone guilts you into loving them

The Penguin and I

Photo by Teodor Bjerrang on Unsplash The other night I was watching a documentary called Encounters at the End of the World from 2007. It was about filmmaker Werner Herzog and his journey … Continue reading The Penguin and I

I love you & I’m sorry when I feel like I don’t

I love you and I wished my thoughts stopped there, the fact is I so often don’t know how I feel. This sounds like a major problem in a relationship, … Continue reading I love you & I’m sorry when I feel like I don’t

An unpopular opinion

This will either piss you off, comfort you or strike a personal chord. If it does anything but comfort you I apologize in advance. also please read this in its entirety … Continue reading An unpopular opinion

Does my illness define me?

Discerning who you are apart from your illness is no easy feat. At times I have thoroughly convinced myself I am perfectly fine. I rationalize away my mood swings, from … Continue reading Does my illness define me?

To My 3,000 Followers

I Want to Say Thank-You to Everyone It has been an amazing journey. In September I started with an idea, and it wasn’t my first attempt at blogging. I had … Continue reading To My 3,000 Followers

Looking for Contributors for The Bipolar Writer Blog

Since day one of the inception of The Bipolar Writer blog I had a plan of how things were going to go on my blog. When I hit 2,000 followers … Continue reading Looking for Contributors for The Bipolar Writer Blog

Mental Health Stigmas

Mental Health Stigmas – What Can we do to Change the Stigma? I never want to repeat a blog post, so from time to time, I go through past blog … Continue reading Mental Health Stigmas