My Longest Depression Cycle of 2018

Wow. How did I get here? I haven’t written much lately on my blog. I have had little energy in April to focus on the things that I need to … Continue reading My Longest Depression Cycle of 2018

Does Bipolar Disorder Run in Families?

I can trace Bipolar disorder in my family in at least three generations on my family tree. It’s interesting looking at my own tree, it feels like walking through a … Continue reading Does Bipolar Disorder Run in Families?

Am I Meant to be Alone?

My Thoughts in Recent Weeks Am I meant to be alone in this world? I have pondered this question lately. Donate to Publish My Memoir PayPal I am mostly talking … Continue reading Am I Meant to be Alone?

At Times, You Must Walk Throught the Fire

How a Depression Cycle Ruled my Week I have had the pleasure of tracking my depression over the years. I know from my experiences over the last three years that … Continue reading At Times, You Must Walk Throught the Fire

Interview Feature – Laura Sanscartier

This is another feature interview from my ongoing series. I have been super busy so it has been a few weeks since I have written one of these. I have … Continue reading Interview Feature – Laura Sanscartier

Creature Comforts

I did not have a pet growing up. My mother hates animals, and my father knew how to keep the peace. Not having a pet growing up, I didn’t know … Continue reading Creature Comforts

5 Ways to Keep Shining Your Light When the Odds are Against You

There is no light at the end of the tunnel. You are the light. And nothing in your dreams will get easier. But if you keep going, you will get stronger than ANYTHING putting you down.

Courtney’s Interview Feature

This a feature I wrote on Courtney. You can find all feature interviews here. Courtney’s Interview Feature: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a unique mental … Continue reading Courtney’s Interview Feature

Interview Features – The Series

Since December I have been conducting interviews with people of all ages and sex that deal with the life of having a mental illness. It is my way to give … Continue reading Interview Features – The Series

Leigh’s Interview Feature

Imagine. Being entirely out of focus on the world around you. It is impossible to get out bed even for a moment. The struggle to be yourself is real, and … Continue reading Leigh’s Interview Feature