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This is another ode from Terry Fisher’s upcoming book Inside and Out. I will be posting several of these odes before publication and then a link. You can find the entire project here. Inside and Out Ode to Sammie by Terry Fisher What can I say about Sammie? He was always part of my family. Even […]

It has been a while since I have posted one of my journals from my past. I love these post because I don’t change anything, not a single word. Though most of my journals are hand written I still rewrite them with every flaw. My journals are my real raw emotions that I had during […]

Compromise? I won’t compromise my health. I used to shift myself into all sorts of uncomfortable positions in some vain attempt to appease others. Though, now I fear I am watching as the people I love pretzel themselves in acrobatic swings and dives just so I don’t have to go out of my way or […]

I have been sorta lost in my anxiety these past few weeks and I have felt disconnected from my fellow bloggers. I have always been good at connecting with my followers and the bloggers that take the time to follow and like my blog. I must apologize. It has always been my goal for The Bipolar […]

You lied about the lies that you lied about. Nothing like some LL Cool J to get this post started, am I right? or am I already overly obnoxious? Either way, I’ll take my chances. I won’t offend your intelligence with a history of why lying isn’t the jazziest thing in the world, but if […]

When someone guilts you into loving them. A lot of the time (maybe I’m still lying to myself) it’s unintentional because we all are products of our environment, right? I mean I know to some degree people can identify when a certain behavior is working. You know what I’m talking about the… “You’re the only […]