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Music That Changes my Mood – The Series I started a series of blog posts sharing some of my favorite music when depression is overwhelming me. It has started a series here on “The Bipolar Writer” I thought it was time to put everything together in one blog post. This series started with a post […]

These weekly wrap-ups are always good for me because it marks the end of one week of The Bipolar Writer blog and the start of another. I spend so much of my week organizing what I will write that it is important to look back, and see how my journey unfolded. So, with that, here […]

All my life I have used music to get through the toughest night time depression and anxiety. I do plan on writing a post about how I use music (its a component of CBT training) but with this post, I wanted to share some songs that have helped me and have become a major part […]

It’s been an interesting week for me. I went through a panic attack almost every night this week, My anxiety is at high levels, I saw my psychiatrist with a positive outcome, I continue to have issues with my computer, I found a faculty member at my school to sponsor my screenplay for a student […]

I wanted to write a post about an ongoing obsession of mine for as long as I can remember, Korean pop. It started one night while I was surfing Youtube that I started watching the following video from the K-pop group Girls Generation.                 It was interesting video […]