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It has been a few weeks since I did one of these, and with my growing depression this week, music has been the main thing getting me through each day. Also listening to my audiobooks have helped. I wanted to share some of what I listened to this week. I think eventually I will repeat […]

The end of another month. I can’t believe tomorrow we are starting March of 2018. I am officially six months into this adventure in writing my blog. It has been another good month to be sure, and I am excited as always for the next best thing on The Bipolar Writer blog. I never do […]

You lied about the lies that you lied about. Nothing like some LL Cool J to get this post started, am I right? or am I already overly obnoxious? Either way, I’ll take my chances. I won’t offend your intelligence with a history of why lying isn’t the jazziest thing in the world, but if […]

Greetings fellow bloggers, today I am going to dive into the ocean of mental illness and explore its stigma infested waters. Kinda sounds like I’m trying to impress my high school English teacher with that descriptive and sarcastic lede, huh? Maybe. If you’re out there Mr. Marshall look at me now! In all seriousness sarcasm […]

Teaching is a profession that requires a great deal of empathy. Subject knowledge and teaching technique can get you far, but to truly impact a student, there must be a level of emotional connection. A successful teacher is seen as approachable, steadfast, fair, and understanding. We may not remember everything our favorite teachers taught us, […]

When someone guilts you into loving them. A lot of the time (maybe I’m still lying to myself) it’s unintentional because we all are products of our environment, right? I mean I know to some degree people can identify when a certain behavior is working. You know what I’m talking about the… “You’re the only […]

I love you and I wished my thoughts stopped there, the fact is I so often don’t know how I feel. This sounds like a major problem in a relationship, does it not? Cheyenne, it’s just a mood disorder. OK well then you should understand why my moods change. (OK some weird interior monologue going on […]