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I can finally saw my first draft of my memoir The Bipolar Writer is put together. It has been a struggle because I have been so busy. Now it is time for proofreading and editing at a more serious level. I am giving myself the rest of March to edit my memoir, and I will […]

This is another ode from Terry Fisher’s upcoming book Inside and Out. This of course is part of the major freelance project I worked on in January and February. You find my thoughts on this project here. Reflecting on my Big Freelance Project This ode is of a special friend of Terry’s who passed away. I […]

This as another ode from Inside and Out, written by Terry Fisher a local writer I have been working with since January. I was my honor to transcribe, edit, and format to the specifications of the author’s publisher. The book is nearing its publication, but I wanted to give the author more time on my […]

This is another ode from Inside and Out by Terry Fisher. You can find all of them here. Inside and Out Ode to Keeper Keeper. Now there’s a name for you. 16.5 years ago Matt knew just what he’d found— And named him that, too. All those years Keeper had been around. Lasting longer than […]

This is another ode from Terry Fisher’s upcoming book Inside and Out. I will be posting several of these odes before publication and then a link. You can find the entire project here. Inside and Out Ode to Sammie by Terry Fisher What can I say about Sammie? He was always part of my family. Even […]

I love these weekly wrap-up’s because they are a good way to end my week. I will keep short this week because I am in the midst of finals. I have a quick turnaround between semesters so I am trying to finish by mid-week and then take the rest of the week off. I am […]

A little background on 12:15 am. I wrote this at on April 29th of 2017 during one of my worst panic attacks of my life. This “poem” is just my thoughts during this event as it pertains to anxiety and panic attacks. It was tough because I was restless and anxious, so it was hard […]