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I am never good on Monday’s, but I am learning. My Monday Morning Coffee Blog So it’s Monday. I am officially a week into my new sleep and wake schedule. A little background. I noticed last week when I am up early enough I can be very productive in the morning to the early afternoon. […]

Today is a special day in the heart of The Bipolar Writer. It marks what would have been my grandfather’s eighty-sixth birthday. We lost him in July 2014 to cancer. I have written about my grandfather before, but he has been on my mind a lot lately. I know my mother misses him so much, […]

As we head into Spring, I thought it would be great to change my blog. For the first time in the almost seven months of writing The Bipolar Writer blog, I have changed the overall aesthetic look and feel of the blog. I wanted something simple and at the same time a place to feature […]

“Worldwide, a person dies by suicide once every 40 seconds” According to the latest data collected by WHO, The Worldwide Health Organization. That is a rather daunting and scary number. The fact that this spreads across all types of mental disorders among other reasons as well I’d imagine, is quite disturbing. The fact that I […]

This another interview feature article that I have written as part of series you can find here. Interview Features – The Series A Look at Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Imagine for a moment. Every second of your existence is a struggle. The struggle is with fear, rituals, anxiety, and depression. It has always been a part […]

I wrote this blog back in October but it really has relevance as I have been dealing with some minor depression. I have also wrote a guest blog for a blogger friend of mine that has relevance to how role playing games have helped me over the years deal with my Bipolar depression. Gaming: How […]