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A Few Thoughts Before my Therapy Appointment Today is appointment day for The Bipolar Writer as I get to see my therapist for our bi-weekly meetings. I must admit I missed another appointment about a week and a half ago because I was sick. That means since January 1st, of 2018, I have had just […]

Social anxiety is a major part of my life. I am always working towards resolving my issues especially this year where I have so many big plans. You can find my series of blogs on social anxiety here. My Social Anxiety Life – The Series 10 Things About My Social Anxiety Life I have written […]

It is amazing feeling to reach another milestone on The Bipolar Writer blog. I never thought I’d get this far and have so many bloggers a part of my journey. So I wanted to say Thank you!

It’s been another week working towards my goal of figuring out this social anxiety life that I live. I moved forward in some ways and I still have a long way to go before things get better. I know that I am just beginning of working on my social anxiety, but I take notice of […]

I will be posting a new social anxiety blog later today about my latest “adventures” in my  social anxiety life. I wanted to share my series before I add to it again. I wanted to finally put the collection together. This series will most likely make it to my memoir but I wanted a page […]

I love these weekly wrap-up’s because they are a good way to end my week. I will keep short this week because I am in the midst of finals. I have a quick turnaround between semesters so I am trying to finish by mid-week and then take the rest of the week off. I am […]

A little background on 12:15 am. I wrote this at on April 29th of 2017 during one of my worst panic attacks of my life. This “poem” is just my thoughts during this event as it pertains to anxiety and panic attacks. It was tough because I was restless and anxious, so it was hard […]