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Since December I have been conducting interviews with people of all ages and sex that deal with the life of having a mental illness. It is my way to give back. I interview each person with the intent of writing a feature article about their journey. For me, it has been nothing short of one […]

A Conversation About the Mental Illness Stigma I wanted to open this blog post with this, the stigma surrounding mental illness is real. I see it everyday. It is all over the daily news. “This person did this horrible act because he/she was mentally ill.” While this is true in some of the cases, mental […]

i would be lying if i said recovery was easy– if i pretended it didn’t bother me that my tiny waist has expanded; that my clothes still fit, but fit “differently;” or that i am no longer “the skinny girl” with the pale skin and perfectly flat stomach. between obsessive calorie counting and the regained […]

This another interview feature article that I have written as part of series you can find here. Interview Features – The Series A Look at Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Imagine for a moment. Every second of your existence is a struggle. The struggle is with fear, rituals, anxiety, and depression. It has always been a part […]

The summer of 1996 is when my anxiety first started to take its grip. My sudden erratic emotional state was the first sign that something was changing inside of me. Before anxiety started to rule my life I was a relatively steady person, and I enjoyed the unpredictability of life. This all changed drastically in […]

A Few Thoughts Before my Therapy Appointment Today is appointment day for The Bipolar Writer as I get to see my therapist for our bi-weekly meetings. I must admit I missed another appointment about a week and a half ago because I was sick. That means since January 1st, of 2018, I have had just […]

Hello Depression, Meet Social Anxiety I have been lucky in 2018. My depression, if any, has been mild. My social anxiety is a mess right now, but to be honest, things have been better with my social anxiety. I have been able to get out in the world for a few hours more this week […]