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I am getting back on track with my cognitive behavior therapy and I wanted to share a post from my past. For those that don’t know, music is a major part of how I get through my day. You can find it the series of my favorite music here. Favorite Music  I honestly can’t live without […]

It has been a few weeks since I have written an interview feature. It has been the greatest thing to start sharing the stories of my fellow mental illness bloggers. I have enjoyed writing every single one of these feature articles. I thought I had everything organized but somehow I lost some of the people […]

I always have a good working list of topics I want to discuss on The Bipolar Writer blog. Often some of my blog posts are random thoughts that pop into my head about my journey with mental illness. But, it’s a new month. I thought why not try something new in the month of February. […]

This month marks close to eight months of learning to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help combat my anxiety, my therapist and made the decision to take some time off so that I could work on my health. Still, every day I apply everything that I have learned and are still applying them today. So […]

Since the inception of my blog The Bipolar Writer it has been my goal to write the stories of others like myself. I have written my own story in my memoir (also entitled The Bipolar Writer) and sharing my experiences on my blog. Every human experience in having to live with a mental illness is […]

All it takes is a little faith for some sunshine to come through the darkness. I made the decision to forgo blogging today. What was the point? I never I had to go see my psychiatrist today, the same one that told me I had to just deal with the prescriptions that are given to me. […]

One of the biggest themes of 2017 in my life is my social anxiety and how it has changed my life. It is my “great unknown” in my life, and I have trouble figuring out my anxiety triggers because they are so vast. I feel like I am in a fog with my anxiety. I have […]