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I wrote this piece yesterday. It’s always great to share my social anxiety experience on my blog. My series “My Social Anxiety Life” is always a great glimpse into how I live with social anxiety. Here is the last three in the series: Part Seven Part Six Part Five Today was the first day out […]

These weekly wrap-ups are always good for me because it marks the end of one week of The Bipolar Writer blog and the start of another. I spend so much of my week organizing what I will write that it is important to look back, and see how my journey unfolded. So, with that, here […]

At times, little changes can make all the difference in the world. It has been a couple of weeks since I finally got what I desired most this year, a real change in my medication, and finally some light going into 2018. So far I have seen major changes in my anxiety at night which […]

I tend to wait for the right time to talk about subjects as the American Healthcare System. In my ten-year journey, I have seen the worst of the American Healthcare System, and also what can change when we start caring for those that are sick in this country. So here is my story. I was […]