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I was looking through some old blog posts and I thought this one was relevant because I have found a new wake/sleep schedule that has been really good to me.  You can find more on my new sleep schedule here. Whats up Monday The Insomniac Life of J.E. Skye This is a long post, and I […]

I can finally saw my first draft of my memoir The Bipolar Writer is put together. It has been a struggle because I have been so busy. Now it is time for proofreading and editing at a more serious level. I am giving myself the rest of March to edit my memoir, and I will […]

Top Ten Sleep Hygiene Tips My therapist gave me this great sheet of sleeping tips that will help with my sleep hygiene. Insomnia is always an issue in my life, so I thought today I’d share each one of these tips and if any have helped me. These tips hep added one to two hours […]

I wanted to share a chapter from the first draft of my memoir. I have written about insomnia before but this is an extended version of what it is like in “My Insomniac Life.” I will admit this is a chapter so it is quite a long one. The Insomniac Side of J.E. Skye This […]

A journey must start somewhere. This blog post is what I hope will be the opening chapter of my memoir. This is a very raw piece right now, so it will most likely change and expand as work towards completing the first draft of my memoir The Bipolar Writer by the end of the year. This […]

I can trace a good deal of the issues in my life to my struggles with insomnia. I think most experts in the field of medicine can agree that sleep is one of the most important parts of mental health. It is no wonder why when I fail to sleep well one night in can […]

Nothing beats an early morning writing session, an extra hot/extra shot chestnut praline latte, and good music. It has been a great week for me writing here on my blog and my memoir, but as I have learned this week sometimes you have to struggle with the bad things (depression) while achieving your goals. I […]