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I am getting back on track with my cognitive behavior therapy and I wanted to share a post from my past. For those that don’t know, music is a major part of how I get through my day. You can find it the series of my favorite music here. Favorite Music  I honestly can’t live without […]

I have been sorta lost in my anxiety these past few weeks and I have felt disconnected from my fellow bloggers. I have always been good at connecting with my followers and the bloggers that take the time to follow and like my blog. I must apologize. It has always been my goal for The Bipolar […]

I wanted to share a chapter from the first draft of my memoir. I have written about insomnia before but this is an extended version of what it is like in “My Insomniac Life.” I will admit this is a chapter so it is quite a long one. The Insomniac Side of J.E. Skye This […]

One of the new things that I wanted to add this week was more time outside of my safe place— my house. I decided that the right mix of days of when I leave the confines of my house would have to vary based on times. I needed to test different levels of anxiety at […]

The Journey to Recovery Recovery. It’s where each of us in the mental illness community strives to reach in our lives. It can feel impossible at times because with a mental illness often comes other issues. Rarely are we lucky enough to have one aspect of a mental illness, and that is it, but recovery […]

Are we defined by our mental illness? Brittany Elise from Fort Worth, Texas believes that your illness shouldn’t define you. “There are resources and support networks for you. Don’t think your diagnosis is the end of the world. It’s the start of getting the help you need, even if you don’t think you need it. […]

In a blog post earlier this week I discussed what are some of the signs that you might be relapsing.My focus in that blog post was more about ways to prevent by noticing the signs. Today a question arose in my comments for that blog post. What can you do when you have relapsed into […]