A Mental Health Struggle – Social Anxiety

I am my own worse enemy because I can pretty much work and do school from the comfort of my desk. The last time I went to a coffee shop to work or study was last May when I was finishing my degree. So many things happened to me this summer that kept me from going where I was happy.


A Mental Health Guest Blog Spot

Next thing I knew, there was blood everywhere.. all over my bed and me, I was feeling dizzy, everything was blurry, and I felt sick. I was freaking out inside, but I never shouted for help. ‘This is it’ I thought to myself. Everything actually flashed before my eyes, I saw myself winning that goldfish at the funfair, I saw my gran and me at the beach when I was little. Everything. Then nothing.

A Non-Mental Health Blog Post

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I am Inspired by You, Everyday

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Lost in the Mental Illness Shuffle

That is what I did today. I broke through the fog of my depression and did some great things here on my blog, with my writing projects, and of course my school work.

We Are Not Ordinary People

The willingness to share your story is the hardest thing in this mental illness journey. I spend as much of my day reading as many articles here on Wordpress related to mental health and mental illness, and it never ceases to amaze me how people are so open to writing. It was always a struggle before I started this blog.

Share Your Story – A Mental Health Safe Place Pt. 2

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Ideas for Mental Health Recovery

Writing is my greatest weapon to deal with the ups and downs of my mental illness. The writing projects that I am currently working on and this blog are so helpful.

Sometimes I Wish…

I know it is not the healthiest thing to look back. If it were not for my memoir or this blog, I would probably spend way too much time dwelling on “what could have been.”

Topics of Discussion – October on The Bipolar Writer Blog

These posts have been helpful in the past so it is great to open the floor to my fellow followers and bloggers to what topics the Bipolar Writer should discuss here. I would love your feedback.

Looking for a Book Cover Artist

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My Worst Anxiety/Panic Attack Day

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