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This post is from a guest blogger Johan for The Bipolar Writer blog about anxiety. You can find the authors blog here. http://theprofoundshift.wordpress.com/ Meet Anxiety, The Blob in my Chest Anxiety is the feeling we all grow to loathe. I lived with anxiety from a very young age, as young as I can remember. My first […]

At times our journey to discover what is wrong with us can be a hard one, and it can go unnoticed for a time. Then we experience something that changes everything in our lives. That’s what it is was like for Victoria, a young woman from the Midwest— Indiana. Victoria’s journey begins with her official […]

Since the inception of my blog The Bipolar Writer it has been my goal to write the stories of others like myself. I have written my own story in my memoir (also entitled The Bipolar Writer) and sharing my experiences on my blog. Every human experience in having to live with a mental illness is […]