Tony Robert’s Interview

This is another addition to my series of “feature interviews” of my fellow bloggers in the mental illness community. You can find the entire series here. Tony Robert’s Interview Feature … Continue reading Tony Robert’s Interview

Interview Features – The Series

Since December I have been conducting interviews with people of all ages and sex that deal with the life of having a mental illness. It is my way to give … Continue reading Interview Features – The Series

Courtney’s Interview Feature

This a feature I wrote on Courtney. You can find all feature interviews here. Courtney’s Interview Feature: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a unique mental … Continue reading Courtney’s Interview Feature

Tony’s Interview Feature

If there is one thing that I have learned while writing interview features on my blog is that in every walk of life for someone dealing with a mental illness, … Continue reading Tony’s Interview Feature

My Bipolar Experience with the ER

In the first three years of my diagnosis with Bipolar One, I was often rushed to the emergency room. Most of the time it was my family worried that I … Continue reading My Bipolar Experience with the ER

My Experience with the American Healthcare System

I tend to wait for the right time to talk about subjects as the American Healthcare System. In my ten-year journey, I have seen the worst of the American Healthcare … Continue reading My Experience with the American Healthcare System

Sorting Through my Recent Depression

The last few weeks have been a great test for how much my depression can affect my day and week. I have spent a lot of time recently tracking my … Continue reading Sorting Through my Recent Depression

How Did I Get Here?

10 years. It still hasn’t sunk in. To the start of another ten-year journey. Today marks my official anniversary date of my first time attempting suicide. It feels so surreal. … Continue reading How Did I Get Here?

Angel on the Ward – Part 2

I am very excited to share part two of my short story entitled Angel on the Ward. I broke it into pieces because it is a very long story. This is … Continue reading Angel on the Ward – Part 2

Why Suicide?

Why Suicide? What caused those of us who have gone down that dark road? I am officially a week away from my ten-year diagnosis and suicide anniversary. This milestone is … Continue reading Why Suicide?

My Weekly Wrapup – 11/6 – 11/12

Nothing beats an early morning writing session, an extra hot/extra shot chestnut praline latte, and good music. It has been a great week for me writing here on my blog … Continue reading My Weekly Wrapup – 11/6 – 11/12