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i would be lying if i said recovery was easy– if i pretended it didn’t bother me that my tiny waist has expanded; that my clothes still fit, but fit “differently;” or that i am no longer “the skinny girl” with the pale skin and perfectly flat stomach. between obsessive calorie counting and the regained […]

Writing over the last two year has been the best and greatest thing I have done for my mental health. What you will find within the confines of this blog post is my thoughts about depression and how things changed when I became The Bipolar Writer. Writing Changed the Way Depression Effects Me I started […]

I am never good on Monday’s, but I am learning. My Monday Morning Coffee Blog So it’s Monday. I am officially a week into my new sleep and wake schedule. A little background. I noticed last week when I am up early enough I can be very productive in the morning to the early afternoon. […]

This as another ode from Inside and Out, written by Terry Fisher a local writer I have been working with since January. I was my honor to transcribe, edit, and format to the specifications of the author’s publisher. The book is nearing its publication, but I wanted to give the author more time on my […]

Today’s Self-Medication: Avoidance Never prescribed by a doctor or other professional, avoidance is an easy drug for those of us suffering from social anxiety. We seem to be fine on the outside, passing our day just like anyone else you walk by on the sidewalk. However, those of us with social anxiety go to great […]

It is amazing feeling to reach another milestone on The Bipolar Writer blog. I never thought I’d get this far and have so many bloggers a part of my journey. So I wanted to say Thank you!

I will be posting a new social anxiety blog later today about my latest “adventures” in my  social anxiety life. I wanted to share my series before I add to it again. I wanted to finally put the collection together. This series will most likely make it to my memoir but I wanted a page […]